Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2013

It's finally done...

It's finally done, one of my biggest dreams finally become true. But first of all I will tell you how the story starts. 
About 2 years ago Robert and I discovered a waterfall that looked good to run. We thought if the water level is high enough, we could run it and thus it would be the highest driven waterfall in Austria.

Unfortunately, this very small river has rarely enough water, so we had to wait. In the spring, when Robert and I were in the USA, the water level was perfect. 
So a good friend of mine has taken the chance and beated us, he ran the waterfall first. It‘s the 80 foot high „Salza Waterfall“, the first descent was therefore no longer to pick up.

Unfortunately despite of this great achievement, Lukas had been thrown out of his kayak at the landing. So the first successful descent was still pending.
I didn‘t thought that there would be enough water another time this year, so I didn‘t thought about it anymore.
But a few weeks later, I got a call from Gregor: "Hi Daniel, there would be a perfect water level on the Salza Waterfall, are you ready?“
Beyond all questions I was ready, I just had to motivate some people to finish our project immediately. Lucas who did the run before was ready, but this time behind a camera and outside the water. Responsible for the safety were Matt and Berni.

Finally it was time, the water level was perfect, the team was ready, now I just had to pick a good line and pull it through. After 1.5 hours of viewing I decided to ran it.

Not very easy start ... free fall .... Impact ... so exciting, everything went well and I remained in the boat seating. It was done and the pleasure was huge.

Thank you one more time to all my supporters and of course to my friends who took pictures and made my safety.

See you on the River, 
Daniel Egger

Pictures: Lukas Strobl and GoPro 3 black

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